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"Sandra was very prepared to teach the course, and presented it with clarity, enthusiasm, thoroughness, playfulness, yet sacredness."

—SP, Freely Moveable Joints




"Sandra is the essence of ZB.”

—PM, Geometry of Healing




"Great visual demos, encouraged questions, answered them thoroughly, great feedback, and kept the class fun!"

—MG, Zero Balancing II


Sandra teaching ZB

Sandra Savine teaching ZB & the Art of Practicing Happiness

Learning Zero Balancing
I have been studying and practicing Zero Balancing since 1989 and teaching it since 1996. I continue to be passionate about the work and its principles. I teach introductory as well as advanced ZB classes.

Zero Balancing classes

Zero Balancing I (introductory class for practitioners)
Zero Balancing II
Alchemy of Touch
Geometry of Healing
Freely Moveable Joints

As a complement to Zero Balancing I have developed a series of other workshops for the practitioner: Inner Alchemy and Unity at Mid-Line.

Inner Alchemy
with Sandra Savine

Inner Alchemy comes out of the Zero Balancing and Vipassana principles. This experiential class is designed for all body-workers and health care providers (as well as meditators and would be meditators) who are committed to personal transformation and to increasing clarity in their sessions and in their lives.

The objective of this dialog is to provide tools that help support the clients' as well as the practitioners' spiritual journey.

With meditation and movement, students will:

  • Apply mindfulness techniques toward greater awareness
  • Identify the road map of the mind to break patterns that no longer
    serve to unravel the knots of suffering
  • Realize the possibilities of inner peace and emotional freedom
  • Practice the skill of being at Interface with themselves

Unity at Mid-Line
with Sandra Savine

Unity at Mid-Line is a mini-protocol to substantiate one of the principles of Zero Balancing: Bones are the conduits of the vibrations of Heaven and Earth, the essence of who we really are.

  • This protocol helps the practitioner focus on freeing inner bridges,
    thus allowing the higher vibrations to flow easily and effortlessly
  • With this protocol the practitioner focuses on well-being
  • Practitioners could use this mini-protocol for demonstrations
  • Unity at Mid-Line facilitates the experience of feeling connected with something deeper than habitual patterns
  • Unity at Mid-Line protocol addresses clients who complain of feeling disconnected or overwhelmed
  • This protocol benefits meditators who want to be open but are in
  • Unity at Mid-Line recognizes a spiritual aspect of Zero Balancing

If you would like me to teach a workshop in your area, please contact the Zero Balancing Health Association at zbha@zerobalancing.com and see their guidelines for sponsorship. Or you can contact me directly. I am happy to travel to your location for a group of seven or more students.

Fritz Smith, Diane Tader & Sandra Savine

(From bottom to top) Fritz Smith, Diane Tader & Sandra
at the ZB By the Sea retreat in January 2013 in Chacala, Mexico

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