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"Sandra has a beautiful presence and a great sense of humor.”


Balanced Hedonism
Day-long Retreat with
Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
April 23rd, 10am–5pm
North Garden, VA


What if:

You had all the time you need,
You asked a question,
You slowed down enough,
You felt the caress of a breeze,
You listened deeply and talked less,
You ate that chocolate,
You scheduled regular bodywork sessions,
You cooked yourself a luscious meal,
You gave thanks without asking for something,
You watched the light change the sky,
You felt your connection to Source,
You stopped thinking long enough to feel grateful,
You traveled for pleasure and curiosity,
You danced without a partner,
You laughed, or at least smiled at yourself,
You spent time with those who can laugh with you,
You felt sensual,
You drank only good wine,
You savored your food,
You spoke from your heart,
You read books for pleasure,
You loved for the sake of loving,
You said “No,”
Your dreams came true,
You chose to make time for yourself,
You desired without grasping,
You lived with the rhythm of your breath,
You trusted,
You remembered the infinite possibilities,
You were free.

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