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""After a ZB session I feel quiet and centered in my body and in my mind. It feels as though I have just meditated. "


Balanced Hedonism
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Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
April 23rd, 10am–5pm
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To Catch a Thief: Opening to Joy

The thief does not sneak into your home and rob you of your precious jewels or your television. This thief robs your heart and soul of joy.

Which thief robs you of joy? Is your thief self doubt or second guessing, or dread? Or is it overdoing or the need for approval?

We all have inherited a thief or two. Perhaps it is anxiety or self-sabotage. Maybe it is perceived lack of worthiness, which requires you to keep giving without knowing how to receive.

Your True Nature, your essence, is Joy. Your bones have been designed to be conduits of higher vibrations of energy, connecting you to heaven and earth. These conduits are ready every minute of everyday but they are often short-circuited by your personal thief. We are children of God, children of the Universe. How could children of God be joyless? It takes a thief – or two – or three to rob us of our joy. These thieves prevent us from realizing our true nature.

When you identify your thief, you can stop being robbed. Ask yourself: What is it that gives me joy? How can I connect with my true self in this moment, right now?

Choose your true nature and banish the thief… Why not live in your essence, joy? Our joy makes us generous, lively, bold and compassionate.

When we accept that joy is our essence, we feel good and we do good work. Dreams come true. Our joy heals our hurts and helps others. When we catch our thief, we get out of prison. We nurture ourselves and our essence leads us to truth and love. The joy within allows us to live life with greater ease. Every time we follow our joy, we follow our inner guidance. We feel energized, empowered and spiritually connected.

Your thief is noisy. When you get in touch with the silence within, you nourish the joy within. Slow down and enjoy life and play.

Opening to joy with the breath:

Sit down in any comfortable position and watch the path of your breath, making both inhalation and exhalation as full as possible. Breathe deep into your belly, then into your chest and finally into your shoulders and throat. Exhale reversing the order and repeat several times.

Every breath nourishes the joy within.


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