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Balanced Hedonism
Day-long Retreat with
Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
April 23rd, 10am–5pm
North Garden, VA


Beach at Sunrise


Balance Your Hedonism

According to Epicurus, the Greek philosopher credited with the philosophy of hedonism, “to feel good, we must do good; to do good, we must feel good.”

Feeling good can happen at the most basic level of taking care of our bodies. Taking care at the highest level means fulfilling the ultimate goal of being happy and at peace. When we are happy, caring and respectful of our bodies and our spirit, we contribute to the health, happiness and well being of those around us. The more of us who experience this state, the more this will be reflected at a universal level. This progression begins by experiencing pleasure: pleasure at the basic, sensory or inspired levels of our brain: pleasure in the moment.

We can choose to be present. We can choose to live consciously. We can declare our intention to pursue health and happiness. Intention is the volition behind planting a beneficial or a harmful seed, according to Phillip Moffitt in his book, Dancing With Life.

Intent is a force of nature, and the key to our well being. We can practice awareness of our thoughts and actions. By choosing to be intentionally conscious and making healthy choices we become co-creators toward a happier future.

The vibration of conscious, positive intent is the energy of higher consciousness. Intention increases this vibration as the magnetic properties of atoms conform to thought: Like attracts like. With our thoughts/intentions, we can, in fact, affect the world of everyday occurrences.  Matter is susceptible to our influence.

“There are light emissions from every living thing. Every thought can augment or diminish something else’s light,” says Lynn McTaggart in Intention Experiment: “A plant reacts to our thought/intention to harm it or nurture it.”

In Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra describes Cleve Baxter’s experiment that further proves this theory: White blood cells react to the thought/intention to wound the skin. This communication is instantaneous.

We are part of a vast network of information. We live in a dynamic universe of interconnected energy fields: therefore, we, as part of the universe, are in a continuous state of becoming. We have an on-going invitation to explore infinite possibilities: to be nourished by the universe and to nourish the universe with our consciousness, our intention, our compassion. With that intention, we attract the highest pleasure: nurturing ourselves, our communities, our universe.

The high vibrations of Pure Potential are the biggest playgrounds in the Universe, the Virtual Domain, where the energy of thoughts originate. With repeated thoughts/intentions the impossible can be made possible. This is an extraordinary way to do good and feel good and balance your hedonism.

With repeated thoughts/intentions the impossible can be made possible. This is an extraordinary way to do good and feel good and balance your hedonism.


On October 5th you can join Sandra to balance your hedonism and practice happiness at a day-long Balanced Hedonism retreat! Her friends Terre Sisson will teach the art of practicing culinary happiness (and we'll eat the result!), and Mary Michaud will explore flower essences to help you communicate with nature, heighten your senses, and relax into happiness.

When: Saturday October 5th from 10am—5pm
Where: Bridge Between the Worlds in Keswick, VA.
How: $160 includes gourmet lunch, snacks, beverages & a gift bag of goodies to help you continue your practice at home.
Only $135 if paid in full by September 5th.

To register call Sandra (434) 390–0808.
Or email Sandra@SandraSavine.com
Omnivore? Vegetarian? Vegan? Please let us know!


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