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Balanced Hedonism
Day-long Retreat with
Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
April 23rd, 10am–5pm
North Garden, VA


Barefeet at the beach


Bump the Blues with Balanced Hedonism

Being happy doesn’t come naturally to everybody: Many people don’t recognize that it is their birthright to be happy.

Sometimes we become victims of negative thinking. In this state, we focus on what is going wrong, or on our limitations, not what we are thankful for.

This is the moment of choice. We can choose happiness or choose resentment and grievance. Which will you choose?

Here is a short list of ways we can bump the blues and invite happiness through balanced hedonism:

See a movie you consider to be a guilty pleasure.
Float in a pool of water.
Go off the grid.
Buy a pair of shoes you fell in love with.
Dine with friends who boost your energy, make you laugh & raise your happiness quotient.
Play your favorite music while you cook your favorite recipe (for yourself!).
Eat a cupcake.
Drink great wine.
Listen to bird songs.
Ride in a convertible.
Say a mantra.
Do a mudra.
Lie in the grass.
Feel the breeze on your skin.
Savor the first cup of coffee or tea.
Feel the kiss of the sun.
Watch the moon rise.

Make your own list or things that make you feel happy and grateful. Do something pleasurable every day. Each time you choose gratefulness and happiness the world will be a better place and find its way more deeply into your heart.

On this day, find one thing (at least) to bump the blues — let it fill your heart.

On April 6th you can join Sandra to bump the blues and practice happiness at a day-long Balanced Hedonism retreat! Her friends Terre Sisson will teach the art of practicing culinary happiness (and we'll eat the result!), and Mary Michaud will explore flower essences to help you communicate with nature, heighten your senses, and relax into happiness.

When: Saturday April 6th from 10am—5pm
Where: Bridge Between the Worlds in Keswick, VA.
How: $160 includes gourmet lunch, snacks, beverages & a gift bag of goodies to help you continue your practice at home.
Only $135 if paid in full by March 6th.

To register call Sandra (434) 390–0808.
Or email Sandra@SandraSavine.com
Omnivore? Vegetarian? Vegan? Please let us know!


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