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"Sandra has a beautiful presence and a great sense of humor.”



Balanced Hedonism
Day-long Retreat with
Sandra Savine, Terre Sisson & Mary Michaud
April 23rd, 10am–5pm
North Garden, VA


Our Essence is Joy

My workshops on Balanced Hedonism help access the joy within. I am also a practitioner and teacher of Zero Balancing. ZB is a hands-on, therapeutic bodywork system that relieves the underlying causes of stress and pain and amplifies wellness. ZB is subtle yet powerful. It focuses on the whole person, while addressing specific needs. Our bones are the conduits of high vibrations of energy coming from Heaven and from Earth. ZB gets through to the bone, bringing the body back into balance by releasing tensions, thus clearing the pathways within the body for the higher vibrations to flow.

ZB sessions and Balanced Hedonism workshops are designed to put us in touch with the higher vibration that flows within us. When we are aligned with this energy we experience a sense of profound well-being and joy. Joy is our essence; it resides within. By accessing our inner joy, life feels less stressful. We are happier and healthier.

Ordinarily, our frame of mind is distracted and scattered. We live in our heads, believing the what-ifs, buts, and stories that block our inner joy.

As I am giving a Zero Balancing session, I can feel and sense of the higher vibrations beneath all the chatter. It feels magnanimous and beautiful. While giving a session or teaching a workshop, I focus on the essence of a person and on being present to their joy. This is a lovely way to spend the day.

This ‘work’ is just one way to access our higher vibrations. Meditation is another. The type of meditation I do is called Vipassana. One aspect of this technique that I particularly like is labeling: When I notice my mind beginning to chatter, I give the thought a label. I like labeling because it is so practical: it can be done anywhere and it gets results. I use three labels that fit under the acronym F.I.T:

  • F=feelings (emotions and physical; entire body)
  • I=images (quick images behind the eyes)
  • T=talk (between the ears)

Talk and feelings are closely related. When one occurs, the other is soon to follow. Chatter (talk) can be distracting and we begin to believe chatter as reality. When we live in our chatter, we lose sight of who we really are, our essence.

When we label our chatter, we can free ourselves to access the higher vibrations within. We recognize we are lost in talk, and we simply label it “talk” and have acceptance or equanimity with it. When we experience a feeling, we label it “feeling”. This technique helps us stay focused, clear, and out of our stories, our confusions, and our feelings of being overwhelmed. The added ingredient of equanimity actually helps us heal the inner turmoil that causes the chatter. Labeling helps us strengthen the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system that allows us to relax. When we relax, we can access our higher vibrations.

We begin to experience a calmer, more positive state of mind, our natural state. The longer we are able to hold that energy, the more powerful it becomes, and the more we seek ways to help us tap into our essence of joy.

Positive begets positive. As we get in touch with our natural state, the body/mind recalls itself: being begets Being. Our awareness empowers us. We change the feedback loop in our nervous system and dance the dance with our original vibration, the rhythm of Joy.

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